Bat Masterson – video

Bat Masterson

Bat Masterson was the quintessential westerner. Buffalo hunter. Indian fighter. Army Scout. Lawman. Gunfighter. Gambler.

Bat Masterson Theme Song

This is the end clip from the 1960's Western, Bat MAsterson. Unlike other oaters, Bat didn't use a gun. He was intimidating enough ...

Bat Masterson - Stampede At Tent City, Full Episode Classic Western TV series

Bat Masterson - Stampede At Tent City Bat runs across a group of horse thieves and an old flame asks him to save her new love ...

Bat Masterson

Bat Masterson was a lawman who helped criminals when he felt it was the right thing to do. He earned fame by his position of ...

The Bat Masterson Colt SAA

Check out the podcast at ...

Almanac: Bat Masterson

On November 26, 1853, the Wild West scout, gunslinger and gambler known for his dapper appearance was born. Jane Pauley ...

The Wild West - Bat Masterson

This is another in a brief new series. William Barclay Masterson, known as "Bat" Masterson. was born in Quebec in 1853.

Sue Randall (Miss Landers) Bat Masterson 1960

As she was beginning her third season as Beaver Cleaver's school teacher Miss Landers on Leave it to Beaver, 25 year-old Sue ...

Bat Masterson vs. the Skipper from "Gilligan's Island"

Here's a clip from the old NBC Western series "Bat Masterson," starring Gene Barry. This is the opening sequence from the ...

Carlos Gonzaga - Bat Masterson (Pseudo Video)

Music video by Carlos Gonzaga performing Bat Masterson (Pseudo Video). (C) 1961 BMG BRASIL LTDA.

Carlos Gonzaga - Bat Masterson - Clássico Universal - Raridade

Bat Masterson - Carlos Gonzaga, composição de Corwin Hays.

The REAL story of Western Hero Bat Masterson

The fascinating complete and real story of the famous Sheriff or was he?


Bat Masterson starring Gene Barry.

Série Bat Masterson, o que aconteceu aos Artistas

Link deste Vídeo: - A História do verdadeiro Bat Masterson, da Série e o que aconteceu aos ...

Bat Masterson

This 1950s Western featured a non-traditional Western hero. Gene Barry starred as Bat Masterson, a gambler and lady's man, ...

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