Comfort Fedoke – video

My Kind of Night (feat. Comfort Fedoke) Directed by: ...

5th Routine Together - Gino Cosculluela & Comfort Fedoke - Hip Hop

A much better hip hop for gino since they were so tough on him last time but that was because of bad choreography whereas this ...

9th Routine Together - Bailey Munoz & Comfort Fedoke - Hip Hop

He's really been the one to beat this season..apparently his voting block is huge..kind of funny that every time they have a 3rd or ...

[Routine] Comfort & Twitch - Hip Hop (All-Star).

comfort and the amazing twitch bring back the ''IV REAL'' again to the show with one of the memorable hip hop dances ...

Comfort Fedoke Works the Dance Floor

The "So You Think You Can Dance" All-Star performed especially for Ellen! Watch all of her amazing moves here!

Comfort Fedoke Choreography "Missy Elliott" "Lose Control"

I'm honored to present my choreography on Missy Elliott's track "lose control" Blessed to call her my BOSS Choreographed by: ...

SYTYCD Comfort Fedoke solos

All of Comfort Fedoke's solos from season 4. Enjoy :)

Peace of Mind | Performed by Comfort Fedoke

When negative energy keeps creeping into your space you must find a way to clear it out. Don't let your space your temple be ...

So You Think You Can Dance S15E08 Comfort Fedoke & Darius

SYTYCD Best Moments:

[Routine] Comfort & Billy - Krump

Comfort (as an All-Star) doing a krump routine with billy, choreographed by lil c. and it was so buck!!

Comfort Fedoke's Funniest Moments (Part 1)

this is just a short a video of some funny (hilarious) moments of Comfort Fedoke! hope you enjoy it :) part 2 coming soon ~ PS: ...

So You Think You Can Dance S14E09 Mark Villaver & Comfort Fedoke

SYTYCD Best Moments:

180 Comfort's Solo in the top 8 Se4Eo18 .

Comfort Fedoke in the top 8 dances solo for votes Would you have voted for this dancer or did you like another dancer more?

Di Moon Zhang & Comfort Fedoke - "Rock Right Now" | @marvelousmoon @comfortfedoke

"Rock Right Now" - Choreography by Di Moon Zhang & Comfort Fedoke Directed & Edited by Tim Milgram: ...

Comfort Fedoke | All Styles Judge Showcase | The Gr818ers: #AFA7 | #SXSTV STEP x STEP: Uniting Dancers Around The World SXSAPP ...

[ROUTINE] Comfort & Nico - Hip Hop

[WATCH IN HD FOR A BETTER QUALITY] Comfort Fedoke is back again as an All-Star on Season 10 of So You Think You Can ...

184 Mark and Comfort's Hip-Hop (Part 1 the performance) Se4Eo18.

Mark Kanemura and Comfort Fedoke dance Hip-Hop to "Party People" by Nelly feat. Fergie. Choreography by Nappytabs Watch ...

Comfort Fedoke Guangzhou,China Judge Showcase

Redbull hit top street dance competition in China IN MY COMFORTZONE Shot by-All that break from korea.

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