Dallas McKennon – video

Dallas Mckennon's Laugh (The Complete Collection) Ripper Roo!

This video shows you where Ripper Roo's laughter can be heard. Ba ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! 0:04 - Roo's laugh in Lady and the ...

An Interview With Disney & Gumby Cartoon Personality Dallas McKennon 1919 - 2009


Extinct Attractions: Dallas McKennon interview with David Oneal

Born in La Grande, Oregon, McKennon's best-known roles were that of Gumby for Art Clokey, and Archie Andrews for Filmation's ...

Daniel Boone Dallas McKennon Critters in the Wood Dal McKennon

Daniel Boone season 1 episode 28. Dal or Cincinnatus singing original song and showing talent for creating many voices.

Dallas McKennon Album

Here's the Dal McKennon Saga- as lightly told by his family!

Dallas McKennon - Career

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Dallas McKennon Johnny Appleseed Dal McKennon Daniel Boone at Lambs Thriftway 1998

Dal Mckennon and sons putting on a show at Lamb's Thriftway in Portland, Oregon. 1998.

"The Talking Christmas Tree" with Dallas McKennon as Santa!

This is a portion of a Video that was only made as a VHS Movie to be bought in Meier & Frank Department Stores in Portland, ...

Dallas McKennon - 100 Years Old

A little somethin' I put together to honor my dad, "Pops". It would have been his 100th today. Thanks for the laughs.

On This Day in Disney History - Jul 19th

On This Day in Disney History in 1919, well known Disney Voice, Dallas McKennon is born in LaGrande, Oregon. You may not ...

Charlie Pappenheimer Weihnachten Dallas McKennon

Here's an old relic. Dal in a NW show he performed about the same time as the Pappenheimer show still. He loved to entertain ...

Dallas McKennon Old Radio 50's

Samples of Dal McKennon Radio, TV and Screen. Dating from 1952-53 Part 1.

Captain Jet Vid- Dallas McKennon

A local Kids "space" show seen back in 1950-1953 on LA's local Ch 2 program. Dal McKennon the host sent kids "space hoppers" ...

Hyena laughing in Lady and The Tramp

Enjoy this iconic laugh! Used in many other sources, this is the origin of the laugh we all recognize today! the Hyena was voiced ...

Lady and the Tramp (1955) Voice Actors Cast and Characters

Lady and the Tramp (1955) full voice actors cast and characters. Look at famous people who voiced Disney's Classic “Lady and ...

CRASH BANDICOOT FAST FACTS! | Lemony Fresh | Jake Parr

Crash Bandicoot is back and more 4K than ever… so have some FAST FACTS! Subscribe to LORE: http://bit.ly/LoreSubscribe ...

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