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The J. Keith van Straaten Show Demo

Demo we did for my old talk show. Ellen DeGeneres was kind enough to tape an intro. The video features many of the guests who ...

Episode 54: Love Monkey (with J Keith Van Straaten)

Source: https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-7w5hz-a1489e Love is in the air, Love Monkey, that is. This week, I'm joined ...

Dr. Lisa analyzes J. Keith van Straaten

Dr. Lisa analyzes performer/entertainer J. Keith van Straaten. Keith's playboyish dad is a hard act to follow. Dr. Lisa thinks Keith is ...

J. Keith van Straaten - 90 Seconds - Hosting Reel

Hi, I'm J. Keith van Straaten. (v1.1) www.jkeith.net.

Broadway with J Keith van Straaten– EP 552 Teaser

full eps everywhere, here and www.dorkforest.com SO MANY SHOWS! Keith (@J_Keith and the @gofactyourpod) loves Broadway and we ...

J. Keith van Straaten - 1-Minute Comedy Acting Reel

Sometimes I pretend to be other people in comedic situations.

What's My Line? - Live On Stage / Host J. Keith van Straaten

Demo of long-running stage version of classic TV game show. More at http://www.whatsmyline.org (Uploaded with better audio)

Keeping It Raw - Baby Carrots - J. Keith van Straaten

A brief history of the baby carrot, told with music and pop-up graphics by J. Keith van Straaten. (c)2009 van Straaten Entertainment ...

The Fix-Up Show with J. Keith van Straaten - Street Interviews

"The Fix-Up Show" - http://www.thefixupshow.com A live comedy matchmaking show on stage in New York City. Before the show ...

J. Keith van Straaten - Discount Fortune-Teller

J. Keith van Straaten takes to the streets to make it as a fortune teller on the cheap. Will people believe I know what I'm doing?

J. Keith van Straaten crashes Charlies Angels Premiere

We started out talking to people on the street and then by complete coincidence ended up in the press line for the Charlie's Angels ...

J. Keith van Straaten - "Why Vote?" - Man on the Street

http://www.jkeith.net We hit the street in September of 2008 to find out what people thought about voting. It's all real, baby!

J. Keith van Straaten - Whole Earth Expo

J. Keith visits the Whole Earth Expo in Los Angeles, and runs into celebrities Esai Morales, Amy Smart, and Evan Bonifant.

J. Keith van Straaten - 1-Minute Drama Reel

Sometimes I pretend to be other people in dramatic situations.

The Waiting Game (Preview) - J. Keith van Straaten

Proof of Concept for man-on-the-street game show with brand integration. (c) 2008 van Straaten Entertainment, inc.

J. Keith van Straaten in a Golf Cart

Keith flying down the hill.

The QUEER EDGE 1.20.06 w Jack E. Jett, Sandra Bernhard, Paul Vogt, Gioia Bruno, J Keith van Straaten

Hosts: JACK E. JETT + SANDRA BERNHARD Featuring: 00:13 - JACK E. JETT + ROB WILLIAMS opening monologue 07:00 ...

isabelle van straaten with una bella-s

isabelle van straaten with una bella-s(calvados/libero) in the 1.40-1.45.

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