Juliette Willis – video

2017 9-29 Through The Years Juliette & Jedi. Lyrical Litheness.

Couple number three, Juliette & Jedi Willis.

Happy Birthday Juliette

Celebrating the birthday of The Clan's very own 'Dancing Queen' Juliette Rose Willis.

Juliette Willis || Check Yes Juliette

Long time no videos! I love the Willis Clan and intend on doing a video for most of the kids. Enjoy! I own no content used in this ...

Happy Pre-Birthday Juliette

Had the date wrong, so going for a revised version for her real birthday.


For those not on Facebook, the post-episode chat hosted by Jet with Jasmine and Juliette.

The Willis Clan - "Since I Left Home" (stills)

stills and music, © The Willis Clan.


For those who aren't on Facebook, here's the pre-episode chat hosted by Jet, featuring Jasmine, Juliette, Jamie & Joy this time.

2017 4-29 Toby Nathaniel Willis

Here's the link to Jessica's web-blog describing her father. https://www.jessicawillisfisher.com/

Jamie Willis || Beautiful Girl

Miss Jamie is number 9 in the Willis Family and an absolute sweetheart to watch! Enjoy! I own no content used in this video.

43 Fiddle Me This, The Willis Family TLC

Temporary upload of a horrible quality (sorry, best I could manage) until TLC decides to upload the real deal. For better quality ...

Performing is a Family Affair

Toby and Brenda Willis and their 12 children are known as the Willis Clan. They reside in Nashville and competed as far as the ...

Jessica Willis' 'Never Alone'

Of their Unreleased Songs series.

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