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Pressing Issues 空穴不来风 EP 10 - Michelle Chia VS Dr Leslie Tay 谢韵仪 VS 饮食博客郑春茂医生

What's the greatest turn on and turn off of Caucasian and Asian men for hot babe Michelle Chia? And what would Dr Leslie Tay ...

Singaporean TV food show in Ikaria

Tο 2ο επεισόδιο της σειράς 'I eat therefore I am' γυρίστηκε στην Ικαρία τον Αύγουστο του 2018. Παρουσίαση : Michelle Chia...

Behind Changi In Mint Condition

Behind Changi Airport - In Mint Condition is a promotional video by the Changi Airport Group, and hosted by Singapore's actress ...

3 Minutes with Michelle Chia

My Fat Pocket meets Michelle Chia and talks about Michelle's beauty routines and tips.

See what Changi Airport's emergency service is capable of, with Michelle Chia

Have you wondered what happens if a plane were to catch fire? If pieces of plane wreckage were to fall into the sea? Or if a plane ...

Shaun & Michelle's Wedding ( 1 )


Hot Chick Of The Week (EP2) Michelle Chia

This week, on Hot Chick Of The Week, we have the very beautiful, very talented Michelle Chia! Lucky Benjamin... stranded alone ...

Dengue: We’re in this fight together! – Michelle Chia

The fight against Dengue is now more important than ever. Michelle Chia shows us what we can do to protect ourselves and our ...

My Star Guide 7 Interstitials - France With Mediacorp Artiste Michelle Chia

My Star Guide Call l 6438 8880 WhatsApp | https://wa.me/6592777198 Visit l http://Promo.ChanBrothers.com/MyStarGuide.

Michelle Chong | How to keep going

Michelle Chong explains why she left her job at the television station and shares her opinion on millennials in Singapore.

GLOW™ The Original - Behind the Scenes with Michelle Chia

Go behind the scenes of Michelle Chia's TVC shoot for GLOW™ The Original Raspberry Ketone! Find out more about GLOW™ at ...

综艺GoLive-Michelle Chia & Shaun Chen's Wedding Part 3/6

Channel 8's Entertainment Go Live; Michelle Chia & Shaun Chen's Wedding on 11th May 2009 Live Reporting from Ritz Carlton ...

Michelle Chia Shares How She Curbs Temptation To Binge On Junk Food

Find out her secrets as she shares it with http://dailyvanity.sg. View the full interview here: http://goo.gl/YVhWT7.

Michelle Chia and Shaun Chen Wedding

Michelle Chia and Shaun Chen Wedding May 11, 2009 being shown on channel 8 GO LIVE show!

Cafe Nova - Michelle Chia

singapore tv commercial.

Star Awards 2012 Top Ten Most Popular Artistes nominees

A press conference was held Mar 15, 2012 to announce the nominees for the Top Ten Most Popular Male/Female Artistes.

Michelle Chia and Shaun Chen Wedding

Michelle Chia and Shaun Chen Wedding.

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