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Thomas Röhler - The Compilation

I AM BACK! Thomas Röhler - The Compilation Video of the most promising javelin thrower in the world at the moment!

Rohler wins Germany's first javelin gold in 80 years

At his first Olympic Games in Rio 2016, Thomas Rohler wins Germany's first gold in javelin in 80 years. Subscribe to the ...

How to Throw the Perfect Javelin with Olympic Champion Thomas Röhler | Gillette World Sport

Subscribe to Gillette World Sport: World Sport is on the Road to Rio, taking an in-depth look at the sports that ...

Thomas Röhler Wants to Hit a 100m Javelin Throw! | Trans World Sport

The closest anyone has come to throwing a javelin 100m in modern times is Jan Železný. He set his lifetime best of 98.48m.

Thomas Röhler | Javelin Training | SloMo and different angles | JenJavelin May 2020

Filmed some of my recent training throws at JenJavelin throws center in Germany. Speed is slowly increasing as we do the first ...

Thomas Röhler unleashes a huge throw of 93.90 - Men's Javelin IAAF Diamond League Doha 2017

Thomas Röhler of Germany with the throw of 93.90m who puts him to the second of all time list.

Javelin Throw - Thomas Röhler - Slow Motions

Javelin Throw - Thomas Röhler - Slow Motions Very sorry about bad quality! Hope you liked it and remember to subscribe!

Thomas Röhler Javelin Throw | Training

The javelin training of Thomas Röhler the man who won gold for Germany at the Olympic Games in Rio 2016.

Thomas Röhler 93.90 NR 2nd best performer ever Doha 2017

may the 5th 2017, 6th best performance ever (5 first belongs to great Jan Zelezny)

Thomas Rohler | 2020 | Worth the Fight

Javelinthrow #hammerthrow #discusthrow Thank you for Taking the time to check out the video! We are now on Twitter!

How to throw the javelin with Thomas Röhler - Wanda Diamond League

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Thomas Röhler and Johannes Vetter play "How Well Do You Know Me" - Episode 4

Germany's javelin stars joined us on the sofa for Episode 4 of our How Well Do You Know Me series. So how deep does the ...

Javelin Training | Thomas Röhler | preparation and throws | March 2020 | Part I

First week in Belek March 2020 down and I'm happy to share some nice and easy throwing and preparation with you!

Thomas Rohler 93.90m Video Analysis (May 5, 2017 - Doha, Qatar, Asia)

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Thomas Rohler 2020 Training | Part 1 & 2 | FULL HD

Javelinthrow #thomasRohler #germanathletics CREDIT: Thank you ...

How to throw the javelin | #1 | Basic equipment

Welcome to the first episode of How to throw the javelin with Thomas Röhler. Today we have a look on what equipment you ...

How to throw the javelin | #2 | Warm up for beginners

Before we head out for a throwing session or technique workout we do have to warm our body up! This video shows you how to ...

Javelin Throw - Thomas Röhler - 90M Throws - Compilation

Javelin Throw - Thomas Röhler - 90M Throws Compilation video of Thomas Röhler's 90 meter throws! Sorry I can't include a throw ...

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