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Love After Death (1998) Walter Matthau | John Stamos - Romantic Comedy HD

Recovering from the loss of his beloved wife, Frank Walsh sets out to fill the void by jumping right back into the dating game.

Little Miss Marker (1980) - Julie Andrews, Walter Matthau

Matthau in 'Miss Marker' By JANET MASLINMARCH 21, 1980 TAKE your pick: "Little Miss Marker" is either the latest remake of ...

Buddy buddy (1981)

Walther Mathau and Jack Lemmon in another typical comedy.

Walter Matthau Wins Supporting Actor: 1967 Oscars

Shelley Winters presenting Walter Matthau with the Oscar® for Supporting Actor for his performance in "The Fortune Cookie" at ...

Walter Matthau Salutes Jack Lemmon at the AFI Life Achievement Award Tribute in 1988

Walter Matthau at the 1988 AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute To Jack Lemmon. Subscribe to this channel for more exclusive ...

Walter Matthau Telling a Funny Story on Johnny Carson (1982)

Walter telling a funny story after staying at a hospital for a procedure on his eyes.

Jack Lemmon great interview with Walter Matthau 1987 Part 2

The first interview was so good but time had run out when Walter came on towards the end. It was decided that the interview ...

Parkinson Interviews: George Burns & Walter Matthau 1976

Edited highlights of the classic Michael Parkinson interview with Matthau and Burns, as re-broadcast on Parkinson: The Interviews ...

Gangster Story - Walter Matthau (1959) / Full Movie

Gangster and cop killer Jack Martin is on the run from the law, and hides out in a small town. Low on funds, he engineers a clever ...


news segment about the death of Walter Matthau that aired on CBS on July 1, 2000 don't forget to subscribe!

Jack Lemmon.Great Interview with special guest star Walter Matthau Part 1

Here I would like to share an interview that I recorded way back in 1987. That much loved Actor Jack Lemmon. He came to ...

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson: 12/10/1981...Walter Matthau

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson: 12/10/1981...Walter Matthau.

Grumpier Old Men 1995 full movie

grumpier old men full movie.

Gangster Story 1960 Crime Film - with Walter Matthau

Hoodlum Jack Martin is on the lam and robs a small town bank which brings the local cops and local crime boss into the mix.

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